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Will the Miami Dolphins make it to the Super Bowl this year?

Will the Dolphins make it to the Super Bowl? Well, while anything is possible, it is not currently looking very favourable for them. The Dolphins are ..


Will the Miami Dolphins Make it to the Super Bowl?

Will the Dolphins make it to the Super Bowl? Well, while anything is possible, it is not currently looking very favourable for them. The Dolphins are currently sitting at 4-7 which sees them in 3rd place in the AFC East. With the Patriots currently in 1st in the AFC East, can the Dolphins continue their current win streak and gain a shot at the playoffs? We can surely hope so but let’s take a look at things realistically.

Can they keep the streak going?

Coming off their last three games, they secured three wins in a row. Is it too late, though? When you consider the Dolphins went on a seven-game losing streak that started in week 2, it may be too far into the season to really make a run. While sports bettors over in Vegas may not fancy their odds, real fans will still have a glimmer of hope for their beloved dolphins. While the odds are definitely against them, their remaining schedule does seem to be in their favour of allowing them to make a playoff run. If you are a fan, it may be worth throwing a few dollars down on them to make a run for the playoffs as the odds will be highly against them, so little money now should have very good returns should they be able to actually do it.

When it comes to betting on sports, are you for or against it? Do you have a favourite site or place to use for your sports betting needs? There are loads out there and it can be hard to keep up with all the new sites that come on a near-daily basis. One thing that can be easy though is keeping up to date with the latest Dolphins odds. As mentioned the odds are currently against the Dolphins who sit at 25/1 to make the playoffs. But, if you are a fan and a betting man, there could be some huge potential gains to come from it. The Dolphins definitely are in a position to shake the league tables up a bit!

Did they pull off an upset over Baltimore?

The Dolphins managed to pull off a hard win against Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens so I wouldn’t count them out just yet. While they may have a long road ahead, they are currently sitting on a 3-game winning streak so the momentum is in their favour. We have seen some big shake-ups in the league before and that is exactly what could be in store for us if the Dolphins keep things going.

The long road ahead.

Heading into week 12 see’s the Dolphins take on the Carolina Panthers who are currently 5-6 after losing to Washington in week 11. If the Dolphins can pull this win off, which is well within reach for them, it will allow them to keep the momentum going. Looking to weeks 13 and 14 and the Dolphins will have to play the Giants in week 13 who are sitting at 3-7. Week 14 see’s the Dolphins have a bye week which will be a chance for them to rest a bit before they look to tackle their last 4-teams of the regular season.

Will the Miami Dolphins Make it to the Super Bowl?
Is Tua the answer?

One thing we can all agree on is that Tua Tagovailoa is looking decent in his last two games. He has thrown two touchdowns in his last couple of games and has only had a single interception and a single sack as well. He has managed this while throwing for over 420+ yards with 35 completions out of his last 46 passes! All in all, this is exactly what you want to see from and hopefully, he will be able to keep it up. While the Dolphins still have a bit of a hole to climb out of, Tua is a good bet to make it happen!

Where do they go from here?

Hopefully, the Dolphins learn from their previous mishaps and keep pushing forward. Breaking a 7-game loss streak is no easy feat but they have done that and managed to turn things around. Their current 3-game winning streak is nothing to go crazy about. However, it gives them the momentum they need to hopefully go and get the win in their next two games before they have a bye week. While they will likely want to keep things going if they can get these next two wins, a week off can also be just what they need to recharge and get ready for the final four weeks of the regulation season.

Will the Miami Dolphins Make it to the Super Bowl?
Can it be done?

This is where all the speculation will come into play. The short answer is yes, they can! However, at this stage, it would also be very easy for them to mess it all up and not even make the playoffs. The Dolphins are at a tricky point in their season where they really need to win every game they can and hope a few other teams lose a game or two before the regular season ends.

The Dolphins are looking to make a run for the playoffs but as we all know, the postseason is a completely different game. We have seen underdogs come into the playoffs with the worst records and make a run for the Super Bowl. We also have teams like the Patriots, that while they no longer have Tom Brady, they are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the playoffs.

Odds are currently against the Dolphins but that doesn’t mean it is time to count them out. As we’ve said, a playoff run and reaching the Super Bowl is within reach, if they can keep their current momentum going and make use of the favourable games they have coming up. However, let’s not forget that Madonna’s like a virgin and the fact that Lebron James was 3-weeks old was around the last time the Dolphins made the playoffs. Anything is possible, so fins up, let’s do this!



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