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How to keep your mental health in check this year

When the world assumed that the pandemic was slowing down, the pandemic came back stronger to wrap the world in its third wave. COVID news from all..


How To Keep Your Mental Health In Check

When the world assumed that the pandemic was slowing down, the pandemic came back stronger to wrap the world in its third wave. COVID news from all across the world can make people anxious, sad and even depressed and therefore, active steps are required to take care of their mental health to have a healthy lifestyle even during this troubling time. Here is how you can take care of your mental health during this tough time. 

1. Identify and acknowledge your present situation 

COVID news can make anyone anxious, instead of deflecting it, acknowledge that you are anxious about it. Acknowledgement is important before you can deal with the problem. Anxiety which often is regarded as a negative feeling is actually extremely helpful as it makes alert and direct people towards taking the right decision. You can keep your feelings in check first by checking the reliability. 

2. Distract yourself

If you ever come across any troubling news, instead of digging more information on the same, try to distract yourself and acknowledge that there are things sometimes which you can do nothing about. You can try to distract yourself by engaging in your hobbies like painting, dancing, reading books or love quotes which you can also share as Love Status on different platforms to uplift other people too. 

3. Connect with your friends and family 

Instead of totally isolating yourself because of social engagement, try to find new ways to connect with your friends and families. There are many platforms available online which can be used for video chatting. In addition to that, you can also try the trends that are going on Instagram and TikTok. You can try fun filters on Snapchat with your friends and put the same on your WhatsApp DP. Try to stay connected with your loved ones to reduce the feeling of loneliness. 

4. Try to have a routine 

Many people are working from home because of the current setup and in such a situation, the professional and personal life can get merged which can be problematic. For resolving the same, try to have a routine, create a to-do list and schedule your tasks for the day. Try to stick to the routine to stay productive, which will ultimately give you a good feeling. 

5. Stretch your body

Going out to the gym or even a park is not recommended during the pandemic. Instead of going out, try working out at home. There are an ample number of videos available on YouTube which can be used for working out at home with proper guidance. Working out is not only good for your physical health but your mental health too. 

6. Clean your home 

The environment where you stay affects your mental health. A messy place can make you feel lazy and bored. Take some time out to clean your home, try decluttering and organizing your place. This will help you to declutter your mind and engage yourself too. In addition to uplifting your mood, cleaning your space will also enhance your productivity. 

7. Practice gratitude 

At times like this, we often focus on the negative side of life. At such times, it becomes important to hold on to gratitude and feel happy about the things, people and feelings that are there in life. Start or end your day by listing three things that you are grateful for. It can show you hope even during the dark times. 

8. Eat healthy food 

The type of food that you consume can affect your mood and mental health. For instance, eating too much junk food will make your body lazy. Try eating healthy food for keeping your body light and active and it will also help you to focus better and stay mentally fit. 

9. Take a break 

Sometimes, all you need to do is give your brain the break that it requires. If you are feeling extremely low, instead of forcing yourself to work or engaging in some other productive work, take a break by engaging in your hobby or binge-watching something that you already like or you can watch a new movie or series. 

10. Seek help when needed

Seeking help is a courageous act. If things are truly overwhelming, seek out help without feeling shy or any fear of judgment. Based upon the requirement, you can seek out either professional help or personal help from the people who are close to you.



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