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These personality-based strategies will help you work from home successfully

It’s clear that many people enjoy working from home. Though perhaps WFH is too much to do all the time, most employees prefer working from home at..

work from home successfully

It’s clear that many people enjoy working from home. Though perhaps WFH is too much to do all the time, most employees prefer working from home at least once per week. In a survey of 2,000 employees, 87 percent wanted to continue remote work for at least one day per week. Another 68 percent suggest that a hybrid workplace is the best option for their companies.  What exactly is a hybrid office? In this model, employees stay at home at least one day a week and come into the office at least one day. Many have called this model "the future of work" and it requires navigating a new set of demands and expectations. “With a hybrid office model, companies seek to retain the benefits that both remote and office-based work bring to productivity and worker satisfaction. It may also be perceived as easier than the more radical shift to an all-remote environment,” we noted in an earlier article.  Though hybrid offices have their benefits, this kind of schedule still requires careful planning. What’s more, you may need to break up your time differently depending on your personality. Here, we’ll discuss how to work in a hybrid model successfully depending on your personality. 

The Four Temperament Types

Dr. David Keirsey has divided the 16 Myers-Briggs® personality types into temperaments. They are: 
  • Artisans (ESTP, ESFP, ISTP, ISFP) - Artisans are utilitarian and concrete, meaning they don’t prefer to think abstractly and want to “do what works.” 
  • Guardians (ESTJ, ESFJ, ISTJ, ISFJ) - Guardians are also concrete, but they want to “do what’s right” even more than what works. 
  • Idealists (ENFJ, ENFP, INFJ, INFP) - Idealists are abstract, meaning they prefer to focus on ideas over action. They are also cooperative, meaning they want to do what’s right. 
  • Rationals (ENTJ, ENTP, INTJ, INTP) - Rationals are abstract and utilitarian. 
Each of these four temperament types has preferences that will make WFH more effective


Artisans appreciate fun and novelty, and days in the office connecting with colleagues can provide the spontaneity you crave. When you’re at home: 
  • Take breaks. It can be hard for artisans to focus for long periods; you may get bored. So, be sure to break up your days at home with exercise, chores, flipping through a magazine - treat yourself with compassion. 
  • Congratulate yourself. In connection with the recommendation above, give yourself credit for completing tasks. You will be more motivated if you reward yourself for finishing something you set out to do. 
  • Create your own deadlines, schedules, and self-structuring tools. Artisans tend to get off track without colleagues to reinforce deadlines. Create your own so you don’t get lost with all the tasks you need to complete. 
  • Find a friend. Even though you’re going into the office, it’s still a good idea to find someone who will keep you on track when you’re at home - and they’ll do the same. 


Guardians thrive on WFH days because they are organized, disciplined, and self-motivated. Their biggest struggle? Connecting with colleagues who are not as WFH-efficient as they are. For guardians, to work from home successfully sometimes you need to take a step back. 
  • Separate work from home. You might get annoyed with the people you live with if they interrupt your working time. At the same time, you can get too dedicated, meaning you may not stop working at the end of the day. That said, make sure you create a dedicated space that’s only for WFH. What’s more, reinforce your boundaries; your housemates know when you’re in that space, you are working. 
  • Maintain your regular routines. Make sure you don’t get too sucked into your work, or you could get burned out. Shower in the mornings, take lunch breaks, walk the dog in the afternoon. 
  • Create structures for your colleagues. You’re successful at working from home, so make sure to communicate expectations for others. This way, you’ll be less frustrated. If you are developing a hybrid office structure for your team, check out our tips for building a community within a partially-remote workforce. 


Idealists appreciate control over their own time and processes, but they will likely miss human connection. That’s why it’s important for these personality types to complete work at home and have face-to-face meetings when possible. 
  • Avoid distractions. Idealists like new ideas and projects so much, they may get sucked away from actually completing their work. Outside distractions like social media, TV, kids, or pets can derail Idealists from productivity, so be sure to limit these. 
  • Help others. Idealists like to be useful, so rejuvenate yourself by helping others, even while working from home. 
  • Forgive your productivity. Idealists have high standards for themselves and their productivity. It will help you to give yourself regular breaks - as well as not being so hard on yourself if you don’t finish everything you wanted to on your WFH day. 


Rationals don’t always like following the rules, so they may relish time away from the office. However, they may struggle to feel challenged enough and receive the recognition they need so to work from home successfully they'll need to seek out extra opportunities. 
  • Participate in many projects. Rationals can stagnate if they don’t have new challenges, so make sure you’re involved with many endeavors that keep you moving. If your routine is too predictable, you’ll quickly grow bored. 
  • Self-regulate your performance. If you’re not happy with the processes in place for a project, you may feel yourself losing interest in completing it. That said, make sure to set completion goals for yourself to maintain your motivation. 
  • Create a flexible schedule. You probably appreciate the chance to work when you want, but don’t let your schedule get too loose. Plan your day for yourself, even if those WFH day schedules are always changing. 

Strategies for Work From Home Success

During the pandemic, many of us learned how much we like WFH days. At the same time, though, we also missed the unpredictability and companionship we found at the office. No matter your personality, plan for as many meetings when you’re in the office, especially if you’re hoping a promotion is in your future. The key to figuring out how to work from home successfully may just be tied up in what makes you you.


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